Welcome To Action MUD

We would love to have you play our games! There are basically three ways:

If you have a working Java Plug-in,
you can play using our Web-Based Telnet.
Try it and see:

Click Here To Play!

In Windows 7/8/10, there is a built-in Telnet,
but you probably have to enable it:

1. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs
and Features.
2. Click Turn Windows features on or off.
3. In the Windows Features dialog box,
check the Telnet Client check box.
Click OK. The system installs Telnet.

Then, in a Command Prompt Window
(cmd.exe) type:

telnet actionmud.com 4001

You can download and install PuTTY
(or equivalent) and connect to:

 Address:    actionmud.com   
 Port:    4001   

Use the following communications
parameters (Generally the default):

 Line-Ends:    CR/LF   
 ANSI Controls:    ON   

You can download PuTTY for free from